Don't let your loyalty strategy be just hunches and guesswork.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2021 with a simple vision to provide venues, major sporting teams, and the entertainment industry with independent advice to support their loyalty and customer experience needs. Since then, Identify has assisted over 30 notable hospitality venues and entertainment businesses with loyalty solutions and one-to-one membership experiences. We always strive to do this professionally, dynamically, and collaboratively, supporting the communities and sectors we exist within.

Our consultants are proud to have worked with some of the world's most prestigious venues and major events. We are excited to continue to apply these learnings to clients globally by providing our service offerings and the highest governance and compliance standards.

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Bad loyalty costs you more than you think.

The consultants at Identify have world-class expertise and proven industry experience. We give straightforward loyalty advice and solutions that help your team improve their loyalty program while putting customer security first. We help some of Australia's most recognised brands deliver personalised customer loyalty at scale, and we place the highest priority on compliance.

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See where your loyalty efforts are paying off and adjust your strategy for the future.

We provide excellent services and design exceptional solutions for world-class events and facilities; our culture reflects this. Our consultants think big and work hard for our clients and each other to deliver quality outcomes. It's time to create meaningful, personalised connections with your customers while showing tangible results for your brand.

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Your loyalty program design must be optimised for growth.

Over three-quarters of consumers have changed their buying habits in the past 18 months—and are increasingly willing to change brands. Your loyalty program design must be optimised for the post covid world. There are way too many poorly designed programs - that, unfortunately, haven't been updated in a very long time. We'll work with you to develop a superior loyalty solution.

We plan on changing the future of loyalty.

Loyalty is our true passion, and our goal is straightforward. Customers buy based on values, emotional connections and trust. Brands, venues and sporting teams must do much more than facilitate transactions to earn long-term loyalty. We plan on changing the future of loyalty.

Growth you membership program with Identify.

Know exactly what's working and what's not.

From Loyalty and CX audits to program design, we support strategic planning and tailored workshops; our team is here to keep your loyalty program performing at its best.

Best times to post for improve loyalty.

Maximising customer loyalty by getting data protection right.

We put data protection first by auditing your loyalty system. Loyalty programs may be a rich source of personal information for brands; however, a security incident will quickly erode customer trust.

Grow your Loyalty program.

Harness the incredible power of your loyal customers.

Harness the power of your best customers and discover how to turn your customers into high-spending advocates.

"Identify have helped my team become experts in increasing visitation and spend per head across F&B, making us less reliant on other core venue revenue." - Hanna Lewis, GM Hospitality.

Since our loyalty audit and redesign, on average,  customer spending has increased by 16% (within the first six months) across our restaurants and health & fitness facilities, and they are 3x more likely to introduce friends to our venues. Identify has changed how we think about loyalty and is the perfect solution for acquiring new customers and making current customers feel special.

Venue Manager Hanna achieved 16% increase in spend!

Since our loyalty audit and redesign, we’ve increased visitation and acquired new customers. Our new loyalty strategy guided us to adjust our target market, showing customers more promotions they’re likelier to engage with. I cant wait to see the results next quarter.

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Loyalty has increased our ROI from customers.
Review from customers about their new loyalty program.

Make loyalty decisions that help you grow with the future in mind.

Create loyalty with exceptional customer experiences (CX)

Customers are 3.7x more likely to stick with a business if they have a good loyalty experience. Instead of relying on incentives to attract customers, use your Loyalty program to deliver fantastic customer experiences.

Loyalty program and membership health check

The customer loyalty landscape is constantly changing. As a result, if you want to maintain your competitive advantage, you must optimise your loyalty and membership program yearly. We audit the performance of your loyalty programs in five main areas - business, technology, finance, customer satisfaction, and market position.

Custom and personalised loyalty consulting

Getting the right tools for driving customer loyalty is one thing. Knowing how to use them to gain a competitive advantage in today's data-driven business environment is entirely new. Using market-proven methodology like Identify is another beast altogether.

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You can create closer connections with your loyal customers through Identify.
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Target - Deliver business objectives by focusing on specific customer behaviours to drive incremental growth among targeted customer segments.
Engagement - Turbocharge customer engagement beyond transactions through gamified design, signature experiences, and a portfolio of compelling benefits.
Personalisation - Unlock tailored one-to-one experiences, offers, and customer journeys across touch points to be less reliant on core revenue.